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NOTE... Student's SchoolTool ID Number & Email is REQUIRED to Register

Confirmation of registration does not ensure a roster spot on a team or at a particular level

Note Registration Timelines Below:

First Time Users - Register & Create an Account

  • The rSchoolToday Athletics Registration will provide our Coaches and Athletic Trainer with more information and automatically sync to the Athletic Department's Student Eligibility and Information Database.  In addition, the Athletic Department and Coaching staff will be able to contact you more efficiently and in case of emergencies.

** Note: If you previously created an account and want to add a sibling or new student, login to your family account. DO NOT create a separate account.

Guidelines for returning users:

To register the same student:

  1. Login to your family account.
  2. Click "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon) and choose the “name of student” from its dropdown.
  3. On the next page, choose the “name of the student” from the student name dropdown. 
    Note: The form will auto-populate the answers based from your previously submitted registration. Please review and edit the answers such as Grades and others if needed.
  4. Choose the activity/sport then continue and submit the registration.

To add a new student in your family account:

  1. Login to your family account.
  2. Click "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon) and choose "Register a New Student" from its drop down.
    Note: Fill out the form as a new registration.
  3. Choose the activity/sport then continue and submit the registration.

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Physical Examinations are required for participation (See information below)
  • Athletes must have a current sports qualifying physical exam on file in the Nurses Office. Physicals are good for 1 year up to the last day of the month. To ensure clearance for participation, physicals should be uploaded or on record with the School Nurse.  Once received Final Clearance will be set for participation.
  • As per NYSPHSAA Bylaws & Eligibilty Standards: "If the 12-month period for the physical expires during a sports season, participants may complete the season as long as 'the interval' health history was conducted prior to the season"
    • ​For example, a physical conducted on August 1 would be valid through August 31. If a student plays beyond August (ex. football), the student may complete that sports season as long as an interval health history was conducted before the start of the season. Immediately following the last sanctioned tournament competition for that season, a n e w physical i s required if the student is going to play another sport. Sport seasons includes tryouts. 

If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please contact us:

Duane Weimer
Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics

Email: weimerd@victorschools.org
Phone: 585-924-3252,6306

Georgia Turner Michael Ferreri

Athletic Dept. Secretary
Registration, Schedules & Coaches

Assistant Athletic Director
Facilities Reservations & Event Management
585-924-3252,6306 585-924-3252,6484
turnerge@victorschools.org ferrerim@victorschools.org


Kimberly Spitzer Kristin Renkert
Senior High School Nurse Junior High School Nurse
585-924-3252,6410 585-924-3252,5410
spitzerk@victorschools.org renkertk@victorschools.org
Fax 585-742-7056